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The project has ended in February 2023. A new platform is coming soon.

Full Name: Andrés Sánchez Sandaza
Job title: Director at FundingBox Communities
Country: ES
Organisation Name: FundingBox

Short bio

Andrés Sánchez Sandaza acts as LEDGER Project Manager, NGI4All project lead and as Director at FundingBox Communities where he is helping in their growth to the over 25.000 innovators that are part of the FundingBox community.

As an entrepreneur Andres founded 5 digital projects, acting as CEO in 3 London startups and raising several rounds of funding. He has built several successful communication campaigns and technological products. Previously he worked for 8 years as R&D and innovation consultant in EU projects having applied to multiples EU funding schemes.

Andres is a Cranfield MBA, Economist, Master in International Relations and Expert in European Affairs.

The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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