aims to bridge EU-US research on Next Generation Internet (NGI)

We will push Next Generation Internet technologies a step further, by funding, through a series of open calls for proposals, EU-based researchers and innovators to carry out NGI-related experiments, in collaboration with US research teams

Watch this space to fund your NGI experiment


Join the community now! keeps building bridges: insights from the 5th Open Call

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16 February 2023
17 February 2023 Event 12:00  -  Pisa, @San Ranieri Hotel is proud to announce its final event, taking place in Pisa, Italy on February 16th and 17th, 2023. This event marks an important milestone in the journey of as the team and coordinators of the funded projects will gather for the first time in person. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the funded projects have achieved important results throughout the 5 Open Calls and can now finally meet and share their experience and outcomes.
31 January 2023
NGI related event 14:30:00  - 
"Digital Commons are among the core assets to pursue Europe’s Digital Sovereignty. Several initiatives and calls for actions are gaining traction, striving to bring real benefits to individuals and organisations by ensuring open, inclusive and decentralised access to digital resources in line with the core principles and action of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) Initiative. However, in order to ensure that such approaches can grow and become viable alternatives over the current concentration of Internet resources, it is crucial to pull resources.


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