aims to bridge EU-US research on Next Generation Internet (NGI)

We will push Next Generation Internet technologies a step further, by funding, through a series of open calls for proposals, EU-based researchers and innovators to carry out NGI-related experiments, in collaboration with US research teams

Watch this space to fund your NGI experiment


Join the community now! keeps building bridges: insights from the 5th Open Call

call 5 infographic


eu us trade council
The EU-US Trade and Technology Council (TTC) coordinates approaches to deepen transatlantic trade and economic relations. Earlier this year, DIGITALEUROPE was contributing with concrete ideas and objectives for 2024, offering a clear roadmap, with success indicators for the short and medium term, to each of the TTC's working groups (WG).
fourth call
News is pleased to provide an overview of the successful projects funded under its Open Call 4, the penultimate in a series of 5 open calls launched under this H2020-funded project, to incentivise collaboration on NGI topics through the 2.8 MEuro earmarked to support the work of the EU components of teams of EU and US researchers that successfully applied to each call.


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