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2 pm CEST
Online Event

NGI Funding Opportunities: Join And Find Out Everything About The Current NGI Open Calls For Innovators

Are you a researcher or innovator working on a human-centric Internet? Join our live Q&A session for any questions you may have on the current NGI Open Calls, on 12 July at 14h CEST. 

We will have a dedicated session about the NGIatlantic Open Call 4 closing on the 15 of September. 

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About the 4th Open Call

The main goal of the Open Calls is to incentivize EU – US NGI teams to carry out experiments using EU and/or US based experimental platforms.  This will take the form of funding to be provided through a cascade grant process for the EU counterparts of the teams formed.

Topics Included

EU – US Experimental Platforms interconnection: this topic invites established designers and facility providers of experimental infrastructures, testbeds, and platforms enabling experimentation in the NGI areas on both sides of the Atlantic to interconnect with each other,  to offer their facilities on a continuous basis to its community of experimenters and application developers in other NGI topics.

NGI Priority topics where results are already available for experimentation on EU – US platforms. The focus on this part of the call will be taking results from topics already in a mature state in the related priority topics of the NGI initiative to the next stage of experimentation of results on EU – US experimental platforms. In addition to continuing with the 3 prior ICT-24-2018 topics in our first two open calls, the project has added two new topics arising out of the project’s EU – US External Advisory Group (EAG). Please note that similar to the first two open calls, while the focus is on these topics addressed in other NGI RIA projects and their 3rd party projects, the 3rd open call also welcomes new EU innovators not already involved in other NGI projects that have their own results related to these topics and who wish to carry out experiments with a US-based team.  EU – US Experimental Platforms interconnection

Learn More about the 4th Open Call

The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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