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The project has ended in February 2023. A new platform is coming soon.


Project Coordinator (EU) :

Research Institute For Agriculture, Fisheries And Food (Ev Ilvo)

Country of the EU Coordinator :


Organisation Type :


Project participants :


Panagiotis Ilias, Role: Project Coordinator

Jürgen Vangeyte, Role: Supervisor

Eva Maes Role: dissemination and exploitation expert

Ella Deroo, Role: Junior support officer

Bart Minne, Role: Business developer – Data partners engagement


Alan Draguilow, Role: Technical Manager

David Jimenez, Role: Developer

Victor Ortega, Role: Developer

Yarón Chocrón, Role: Project Analyst

Diego Ruiz, Role: Dissemination and exploitation expert


Marc Duthoit, Role: Dissemination and exploitation expert

Eric Eva-Candela, Role: Technical PM - Developer

Jean-Francois Regnauld, Role: Business developer

Eric Pepin– President, Role: Business developer – Data partners engagement

NextDE–Enabling the Next Generation P2P/Data Economy

Experiment description

The European agricultural sector has created a code of conduct on data sharing and especially support for the use of this data. All stakeholders sponsor and promote EUCoC4DS as the basis for sharing data, but another sharing initiative, called DjustConnect, ensures that farmers have full control of their data.

But to fully see the benefits of sharing there is still a need to make it as fair, transparent and reliable as possible.

Right now, there is a need to develop methods to increase trust in this method, while trying to push through the fears surrounding the system. There are several questions that we still need to ask ourselves and solve at the same time, before we gain the total trust of farmers and break down this fear, Who is using my data? Are these users trustworthy people? Who wants to buy my data? Who do I sell to? Is my data used for the requested purpose? Is the person using mydata accountable for the bad use? What is the value of my data? Can I trace the use of my data? Will a Silicon Valley company take over my (data) business?

To be able to break down these barriers and to be able to empower farmers to use these shares, two experiments will be used to try to make it transparent and trustworthy.

In the two experiments will be present partners from both US and EU, such as DjustConnect, AgriFood, ChangeTheBlock, IdPlizz and NextDE.

Experiment 1             

In the first experiment, we will use IdPlizz's platform, which will allow us to use AI technology and biometric reconnaissance, to be able to analyze data from various partners. This method will implement farmers' trust in contractual agreements especially with regards to price.

Experiment 2

This experiment is start for a new service in the DjustConnect platform, this will allow data partners of the platform, to negotiate on API prices using estimated base prices (e-auction), sign data-sharing contracts and store critical agreement information in a blockchain ledger. The new service will allow partners of the platform to complete the data only when negotiation parties have come to fair price agreements. Project partners from US and EU will perform use case to demonstrate the possibility to buy and sell data in a transatlantic market. Using NGI the company from US and EU have the possibility to buy and sell data at a fair price.  

Implementation plan :

WP1: Authentication experiment

In the WP1, we want to Authenticate the DjustConnect data partners, they will have the possibility to try and test the platform that will give to the platform the possibility to identify and Authenticate the users before to create and sign any agreement. At the end of this part we want to show to the partners how they can authenticate themselves with the IdPlizz technology before to sign any DjustConnect agreement.

WP2: Smart Contract experiment

The first task during the WP2 is to stipulate and create a “Smart Contract” with the DjustConnect terms, after that we will show them how to “sign the contract”, “inform parties” and the “write contract”. In the last development step we  create the possibility of price negotiations between the DjustConnect data partners starting from a base price as a starting point.

WP3: EU-US Transactions

In this WP we will setup EU-US transactions with DjustConnect data partners, as a way to prove the concept of the NextDE data sharing business process.

WP4: NGI Community experimentation

To help NGI community and increase the growth of it, the NextDE partners will publish and share the documentation  to engage more enterprises and institutions.

Impacts :

Impact 1: Enhanced EU – US cooperation in Next Generation Internet, including policy cooperation.

Our project is the first cooperation between US AgDataCoalition and EU DjustConnect platform. From now on Farmers, AgriFood business and application builders in the EU and the US will be able to exchange data in full trust.

Impact 2: Developing interoperable solutions and joint demonstrators, contributions to standards. 

  • Privacy and Trust enhancing technologies

Our interoperable solution based on NGI identification verification technology ,will allow farmers and users from other countries, including US, access to the DjustConnect data sharing and data access control services.

  • Decentralized data governance

By implementing Blockchain technology and applying the P2P concept to our transactions, users of the platform in the US or the EU; trade directly with their counter parties without any intermediary.

  • Discovery and identification technologies

We will improve the way Smart Contracts interact with several Oracles, at the same time by implementing of APIs from several sources. This will  increase market transparency and trust between the parties involved. 


Results :

  1. Use IdPlizz technology to verify NextDE users
  2. Create and sign data sharing agreements (smart contracts) between DjustConnect data partners
  3. All the Smart Contracts will write the information in Blockchain
  4. Integrate (register) new APIs in DjustConnect
  5. Automate notification. Smart contract will send an email to the parties involved (not the farmers) notifying that they could start sharing their info in DjustConnect
  6. E-auction transaction release 2, First transaction between two parties
  7. E-auction transaction release 3  Implementation of transactions with automated price calculation
  8. EU-US data transaction between American institutions and data coming from Belgium farmers through the e-auction system
  9. Documentation for the community

NGI related Topic :

Decentralised data governance - experimentation of results

Call Reference :


The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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