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The project has ended in February 2023. A new platform is coming soon.

NGIatlantic 5th Open Call

New opportunity for funding: 5th Open Call launched on 1st February 2022

Following  the  four previous successful  Open Calls, on the 1st of February 2022 launched its fifth call to support EU- organisations to carry out research experiments across Next Generation Internet (NGI)  application domains using EU and/or US based experimental platforms. The application deadline for this fifth open call is 31st of March 2022.

For the fifth time this year, from 1st February 2022 to 31st March 2022, researchers and innovators across the EU in collaboration with US teams, will have the possibility to fund their NGI experiments by applying to the Open Calls. This EU funded cascade grant initiative, provided under the umbrella of the NGI programme, has already funded a total of 40+ SMEs, Researchers, and Non-profit organisations from EU and US that are contributing together to build a secure, fair, inclusive,  and human-centric next-generation Internet. 

The topics of the call. For this fifth call, proposals will address one or both the priority areas identified: (i) the development and/or evolution of EU – US Experimental Platforms for NGI experiments, and/or (ii) experimentation of results with key NGI technologies addressing NGI priority topics where results are mature enough for transatlantic experiments, including:

  1. EU – US Experimental Platforms interconnection;
  2. Strengthening trustworthiness and resilience of internet;
  3. Open Internet architecture renovation;
  4. Internet data sharing and interoperable services;
  5. Greening the Internet: A Sustainable and Climate-friendly NGI;
  6. Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies for NGI.

Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies for NGI is a new topics introduced under this call. Blockchain and distributed ledger technologies (DLT) are a key component of NGI initiative as they have the potential to enable more decentralised, trusted, user-centric digital services, and stimulate new business models benefiting society and the economy as stressed by the European Parliament resolution on the topic. These technologies will create opportunities to enhance services and processes in both the public and private sectors, notably providing better control of data by citizens and organisations, reducing fraud, improving recordkeeping, access, transparency and auditability, within and across borders at multiple levels: technology, infrastructure and application levels.

The topics of are identified thanks also to the support provided by the members of the project’s External Advisory Group of high level professionals involved in NGI or related fields, acting as an advisory and steering body to guide, monitor and prioritise the direction of the Open calls.

Open Call 5 Webinar

Join us the 23 March 2022 for the webinar "Tips from the team to perfect your application" on the 5th Open Call and learn all you need to know for your application. If you need tips or advice from previous experiments, do not miss this opportunity and save your seat here

Learn more and apply. The application deadline is 31 March 2022 at 17:00 CET. The Open Call is open to any private and public organisation of any size (not individual researchers) located within the EU Member States or Associated Countries and twinned with a US counterpart to carry out the activities proposed. For detailed information about the priority call topics and application procedures, please visit the fifth call page. More details about the application process and evaluation criteria can be found on the website


The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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