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NGIatlantic funded project FairTeam launched at the end of October!

One of the open call 1 projects, entitled FairTeam, held their on-line kick-off meeting on 21st October 2020. The EU – US team, comprised of Fairkom Gesellschaft and Rocket.Chat Technologies Corp., launched the project with the team presenting their management and support services to the project team.

The EU – US FairTeam project is addressing the NGI topics of Privacy and Trust enhancing technologies and Decentralised Data Governance, in an open source and cloud-based workspace environment to improve the way that teams can be mapped together, based on the concept of “fairness”. In addition, the project is also addressing the integration of identification technologies and vertical integration between the communication services.

The EU partner, Fairkom Gesellschaft, based in Austria, is a competence network for open source based solutions, with a focus on the use of online services for the fair use of shared resources in a number of fields related to cloud services, software development, commons, and social design. Their vision is based upon an orientation towards the common good that does not reward shareholders, but people who use open source tools to set meaningful activities, which is very much in line with the human-centric vision of the NGI initiative of the EU.

The US partner, Rocket.Chat Technologies Corp., whose headquarters is located in Delaware, USA, with a global presence, has access to larger deployments and know-how of organisational structures when it comes to defining team memberships; they were selected for this team to offer test beds to run the EU – US NGI experiments, as they have significant experience in  know-how for small and large deployments, including tuning, and adaptation of such systems over diverse network and hardware topologies from the smallest to largest clusters of distributed servers servicing millions of global users.

In his presentation to the launch meeting, coordinator, Jim Clarke, of the TSSG group at Waterford Institute of Technology in Ireland, congratulated and warmly welcomed the FairTeam members to the NGI family, and outlined the management, coaching and mentoring programme offered by the project. He also stressed the supports of the NGI initiative, including the centralised dissemination platform (NGI Outreach Office) and business acceleration and support for 3rd party NGI projects (NGI Tetra).

The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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