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The project has ended in February 2023. A new platform is coming soon.

16 February 2023
17 February 2023 Final Event Event 12:00  -   Pisa, @San Ranieri Hotel is proud to announce its final event, taking place in Pisa, It
22 June 2022

NGI Atlantic showcasing its result at the IoT week 2022! Event 5:15 PM (Dublin time)  -  
Don't miss the NGIatlantic session at the IOT Week 2022, co-chaired by David
25 January 2022

Webinar: Visual Thinking Strategy Event 4:00 PM  -   Online Event
The webinar focuses on identifying the product/service Unique Selling Proposition (USP) and work on a concept extracted from it using modalities that are usually not explored (Visual Thinking Strategy). This is the best way to stretch the brain and give birth to new ideas, free of preconceived notions, that will be useful in business or elsewhere in life. Thinking visually and spatially helps tackle complex problems by seeing how interdependent pieces fit together.
8 June 2021 – NSF EU – US Networking workshop for Open call 4 Event 2:00pm - 6:00pm CEST / 8:00am - 12:00pm EDT  -   Online Event
The EU – US workshop will focus on the elaboration of the Next Generation Internet (NGI) topics under discussion for the next open call (OC) of the project, which will run from June 15, 2021 – September 15, 2021. The EU and US workshop participants will engage together in team- building format with the goal of twinning together in transatlantic partnerships for the submission of applications to the open calls of the project, in cooperation with the National Science Foundation’s Dear Colleague Letter (DCL) Supplemental Fund.
28 April 2021 Joint Networking Meeting Event 11:30 am  -   virtual
The consortium is meeting the winning projects of the first and second open calls in a networking event. It is a great opportunity for the EU coordinators and their US counterparts to present the work they've done so far, their partnerships, the achievements and the impact on the related domains. The event closes with an interactive session and engaging discussions.
24 November 2020

NGI TETRA & NGIatlantic joint workshop for Advisory Board Groups Event 14:00 - 18:30 CET  -   Online event
TETRA and have joined forces to organise an on-line TETRA Advisory Board / External Advisory Group workshop to be held on 24th November 2020. The two initiatives, part of the NGI Programme of the European Commission, have joint forces and invited the members of their expert groups, including members from the EU and the US, to share a common vision on the services delivered by the projects and on the progress of the experiments funded by the Open Calls.
20 October 2020

Next Generation Internet: A Visual collaboration workshop on EU-US NGI research and innovation Event 11:00pm - 12:00pm CEST  -   Online
During this session, a number of the third-party projects funded by two of the NGI RIAs, (EU-US collaboration on NGI) and NGI Pointer (Open Internet architecture renovation), and an EU - US initiative funded by NGI Explorers (EU Fellowships to the US), will present their project ideas to the global audience of the 24 hour-long event.
28 September 2020
29 September 2020 workshop at the NGI Policy Summit 2020 Event 28 - 29 September  -   Online
This year the NGI Policy Summitwill be held online on 28 and 29 September. Bringing together a coalition of internet changemakers, the Summit will lay out an ambitious European vision for the future internet and explore the policy interventions and technical solutions that can help get us there.
7 May 2020 at the EuropeSV May 7 Breakfast Meeting Event Thursday, May 7, 2020, 9:00 AM PDT - 17:00 GMT - 18:00 CEST  -   Online
On 7th May, EIT Hub Silicon Valley is celebrating the Europe Day with a EUROPESV "BYOB" (Bring your Own Breakfast) Meeting, the last of a series of breakfasts meetings organised to bring together stakeholders with European partners that already have connections to the Bay Area.
18 February 2020 at the Fed4FIRE+ Porto Roadshow Event 09:00 - 17:00  -   Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto s/n R. Dr. Roberto Frias, 4200-465 Porto Portugal will leverage on the audience at the Fed4FIRE+ Porto Roadshow to launch its Twinning Lab and the call for External Evaluators

The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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