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26 May 2021

Energy Efficient Buildings for a Sustainable Future: Transatlantic Exchange

NGI related event 5:00 pm CEST  -   Online Event
The impending post-COVID era presents a unique opportunity to build less carbon-dependent economies in a way that addresses social, economic, health, and environmental challenges.
18 May 2021

NGI Forum 2021

NGI related event 5:00 pm CEST  -   Virtual
On 18 and 19 May 2021, NGI (Next Generation Internet) launches its flagship event, the NGI Forum 2021. An initiative that ensures security, privacy and trust while empowering people and addressing global sustainability challenges.  In recent years, NGI has always sought to work on technologies and services that reflect European values and rights.  Since the advent of Covid19 , the internet has become a fundamental part of the lives of all people and especially of organisations and companies looking for safe and secure technologies and services. NGI is an essential initiative to bring the human dimension at the core of the Internet. 
28 April 2021 Joint Networking Meeting Event 11:30 am  -   virtual
The consortium is meeting the winning projects of the first and second open calls in a networking event. It is a great opportunity for the EU coordinators and their US counterparts to present the work they've done so far, their partnerships, the achievements and the impact on the related domains. The event closes with an interactive session and engaging discussions.
17 February 2021

WEBINAR - Third opportunity to apply for Open calls

Webinar 16:00  -   Online
From April 2020 until November 2021, will launch 5 Open Calls for 3rd party applicants, with a total budget of 2.8 Million Euro. The calls are open to European organisations - SMEs, large enterprise, public organisations - wishing to carry our experiments of results of high-quality Research & Innovation activities, on NGI experimental platforms.
21 January 2021

Show your Talent through our Twinning Lab: Third Open Call proposers webinar

Webinar   -   Online - zoom platform
This webinar is part of a series to organised around the Open Calls. It will introduce the project and opportunities, and will follow with a deep dive-into the details of the third Open Call, including the NGI topic focus areas where experiments will be funded. This time the event will also offer to the active participants of the Twinning Lab a roadshow to promote their current work and ideas for initiating future projects.
2nd call winners
7 January 2021

From the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to farmers: how society will reap the benefits of the second Open Call results

A CloudBank service contributing to the scientific programme of the Large Hadron Collider, a cross-Atlantic network solution via GEANT, a decentralized data ecosystem for the Open Blockchain for Asset Disposition Alliance (OBADA), a peer-to-peer and trusted community to protect population, a platform to provide farmers with transparent and fair information: in the second open call, 5 EU-US projects have been selected to contribute to the Next Generation Internet.
3rd open call
2 December 2020

New opportunity for funding: 3rd Open Call launched on 1st December

Following the first two successful Open Calls, on the 1st of December launched its third call to support EU- organisations to carry out research experiments across Next Generation Internet (NGI) application domains using EU and/or US based experimental platforms. The application deadline for this third open call is 26th of February 2021.
24 November 2020

NGI TETRA & NGIatlantic joint workshop for Advisory Board Groups Event 14:00 - 18:30 CET  -   Online event
TETRA and have joined forces to organise an on-line TETRA Advisory Board / External Advisory Group workshop to be held on 24th November 2020. The two initiatives, part of the NGI Programme of the European Commission, have joint forces and invited the members of their expert groups, including members from the EU and the US, to share a common vision on the services delivered by the projects and on the progress of the experiments funded by the Open Calls.
Report of the session at the NGI Policy Summit 2020
12 November 2020

Trends in experiments in EU-US research and innovation. Report of the session at the NGI Policy Summit 2020

Three of the selected projects were given an opportunity to pitch their experiments at the NGI Policy Summit 2020. This blog post presents the outcome of the workshop.
26 October 2020

Fed4FIRE+ Webinar #1 | Introduction to Fed4FIRE+

NGI related event 14:00  -   Online event
Since 2012, Fed4FIRE+ and its predecessor Fed4FIRE

The 30-months project will push the Next Generation Internet a step further by providing cascade funding to EU-based researchers and innovators in carrying out Next Generation Internet related experiments in collaboration with US research teams.

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